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About Me

My name is Alex Encarnacao and I've been sim racing for over 15 years. I discovered iRacing in 2011 and have been racing on it exclusively since. I'm a huge racing fan in general, but especially NASCAR. Always been a Tony Stewart fan and now root for Harvick.

iRacing Career

I love all types of racing, but oval racing is what I enjoy most. I mainly race in leagues only and typically avoid official races. My iRating is currently 3200, have over 100 wins in 500 starts and almost 50% top 5 percentage. I have many top 5 world records for multiple track in multiple series.

My iRacing Profile:

blue bride interior 240sx

Personal Cars

I enjoy building cars in real life and currently have 2 Nissan S13's. The pink one pictures has an SR20 with a GTX2867R that makes about 380hp. I also have an imported RHD Nissan Silvia that has a CA20 Stroker with a GBC-22 350 that makes about 320hp.

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